Where Do I Even Start With All This Health Stuff

To be nourished is something entirely different from being fed. When you make a conscious choice to be nourished, you begin choosing quality food that leaves you feeling good instead of merely satiated. You stop counting the calories in your food and you start counting the nutrition and life-enhancing benefits of your food.  You care where your food comes from and how it’s grown… To be nourished also means more than just the food you eat, it’s the relationships you surround yourself with, your sense of gratitude, the environment you live in, even how much you laugh!

HELLO! and Welcome to our Living Well and Eating Clean blog. In this blog we promise to provide you with all of the latest news, updates and flavors in the health industry. We will commit to teaching you how to nourish yourself and your family.  We also believe in bio-individuality, which means that no one diet fits all, therefore, you will find lots of animal product-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free and soy-free options.

Once a week you will get a content rich blog filled with insights into the latest happening in the world of health, nutrition and well-being.  A recipe will accompany the blog to compliment the week’s lesson.  We hope you enjoy the journey!


How can you get motivated to eat well and live well? Have you ever asked yourself this question?

Perhaps you have been stuck in the fad diet cycle? You know, the one where you are inspired into action with the latest weight-loss craze and after weeks of strict restriction and weird recipes, you find yourself gaining back even more weight as you return to normal eating. Well, the time may well be now to make a lasting change.

Every day it seems as though a new type of nutritional obsession is announced, and each one claims to hold the secret to permanent weight loss and better health. Is it any wonder there’s so much confusion? One week you’re told to eat soy; the next you’re told soy is bad for you. You have been tricked into thinking all no-fat, fat-free, and low-fat foods are healthy. In fact, they are destructive to your health, and they don’t fill you up. Companies have actually been replacing fat in foods with sugar, which, as it turns out, is actually the biggest creator of fat. Worst of all, almost all packaged foods now contain sugar. In this book, we have attempted to provide you with information so that you can make more informed decisions regarding your own personal nutritional needs.

We’ve all heard the phrase “you are what you eat,” and it really is true, that when it comes to brain health and optimum physical performance. Your body is a strong and vibrant machine that requires fuel, and even the smallest nutritional deficiency can impact your mood, emotions, behavior, hormones and performance.

The fact is, you are all unique and what works for other people might not work for you. There is no one- size-fits-all solution. Your nutritional approach has to be customized based on a number of factors, including how healthy and fit you are, your age, your gender and whether or not you are tolerant or intolerant of certain foods. You are a constant work in progress, so just because you were able to tolerate a certain food as a young adult doesn’t mean you can tolerate the same food at a different stage of life. Your body is always changing, and it’s important to be mindful of that.  At Recipes for Life we call that bio-individuality.

We encourage you to take a proactive approach to your health; it’s important that you continue to study and update your diet constantly because the information changes daily. There is a constant flow of new thinking, new research, and new products, so make it part of your health plan to stay on top of the latest information.

There are some basic, sound principles you can start with, to help you be the very best that you can be. Tune in next week to learn the basics of healthy eating!

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Health Coach Rita Thomas and Chef Erin Holm hope to inspire families, friends and communities to live happier, healthier and more delicious lives.
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