Health, Kindness, Family and Friends, Spirituality, Learning, Integrity, Community

Recipes for Life is a brand born from the passion of two strong and loving women who have big hearts and want to share with the world the knowledge they have acquired when it comes to creating a healthy lifestyle.

A health coach and a chef who are your go-to gals for anything nourishing and tasty. They’re passionate about super nutritious food that tastes great and hope to inspire, educate and give people the tools they need to fully understand their health, happiness and longevity. They are big believers in bio-individuality: there is no perfect way of eating that works for everybody because we all have different needs.

Rita Thomas and Erin Holm are leaders in their industry. They know good health is a journey, and one that can be achieved by each and every individual in their own way. They stand strong on their bio-individual approach to health: striving for a healthy body, mind and spirit is not a one size fits all journey for anyone.

This approach is well presented in their latest Recipes for Life health package, which includes The Power of Healthy Living and Delicious Meets Nutritious. Two inspiring, colorful and content rich health books to help you learn everything you need to know about sustaining a healthy lifestyle. You’ll find an encyclopedia of nutritional health facts, tips and tricks, as well as a plethora of accompanying recipes for all meals of the day, all days of the year. For more information or to purchase the package, please visit Our Books page.

Rita and Erin are also dedicated to help nourish vulnerable youth and support the building of healthy, vibrant communities. Their philosophy is to share their ferocious passion for all things good and to empower people to find their own way of healthy living. For more information on how you can become a part of their quest to conquer and change the minds of how our youth sees and tastes food, email them at

What do they value most?

Health, Kindness, Family and Friends, Spirituality, Learning, Integrity, Community.