Delicious Meets Nutritious is a masterpiece … a wealth of information on gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, soy-free cooking options that is sure to become a “bible” for those who follow nutritional, healthy diets. From the moment I opened the book I was struck by the sheer volume of recipes, resources, and ideas it contains and by the beautiful, classy, and easy-to-read layout. It is a combination of both art and science … the art of creative cookery coupled with the science of healthy nutrition and healthful eating. This book is a valuable addition to any kitchen, not only for the large array of delicious recipes, but for just the average person, who wants to lead a healthier lifestyle. Many of the recipes are so quick and easy to prepare which is so necessary for our active lifestyles. I really recommend this book highly to everybody!

Jeanne Brunmark, President, Bio Go-Global, San Diego, CA

The Power Of Healthy Eating is brilliant! It answers all of my questions about nutrition. Brain foods and superfoods; what we need and what we don’t need. Even tells you about packaged foods … what to avoid. I really like how all the foods are explained, like soy and the healthy benefits of using spices such as basil. I had no idea it improves blood flow. It’s my new spice go-to section. I’m aging and need to know what I can use that works.

Love Delicious Meets Nutritious! The Grilled Salmon and Arugula Salad with Berries and Walnuts is one I have made several times and love it! The Creamy Beet Soup: the picture drew me in and it was a big hit! The Mocha Pudding Cake with Strawberry Sauce was the highlight of my dinner party! This has become my go-to cook book, full of new exciting recipes, healthy and easy to prepare. A great gift this year for all my family and friends will be healthy and nutritious Recipes for Life. It’s the best gift that says: “I love you; live longer with good health.” I feel it will change their lives as it has mine.

Wendy Thompson, Philanthropist, Toronto, Ontario

As a Registered Nurse and an individual with a couple of major food sensitivities, I have done a fair bit of research on how food can be deleterious to your health. The good news is Erin Holm and Rita Thomas have created a beautiful, informative book of healthy and delicious recipes, to meet all of my needs. The introduction provides information and insight regarding the important link between diet and health, which sets the stage for the tasty stuff that follows. Delicious Meets Nutritious uses beautiful pictures, organized ingredient lists and instructions that are easy to follow. The Recipe Tips and Menu Planning sections have some good words of wisdom and substitution information I found especially beneficial. I don’t fancy myself as much of a chef, but I actually do pretty well with this cookbook. There’s also a helpful shopping list of which I’ve made copies, so I can just check the stuff I need from the market. All the recipes are clean and fresh, with lots of great herbs and spices. This book has helped me get my diet and my health back on track.

Amanda Clark, RN, BSN, Scottsdale, Arizona

Upon opening The Power of Healthy Living by Rita Thomas, you realize that it is going to help you change your life for the better. Rita accomplishes putting a healthy lifestyle in an easy to comprehend and easy to follow style. For anyone wanting to change their habits but have never known where to start, Rita makes it simple. It is about a step-by-step process to healthier living. This can be your bible from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep including how you sleep. I always knew how important all of these things were but after reading Rita’s book, I have found the simple way of implementing its ideologies into my lifestyle. This will be my go-to book on what to eat, why to eat it, and what the health benefits are for my body. After reading so many diet books and going through too many diet fads, Rita has changed my perception because she explains every diet thoroughly based on what she calls “bio-individuality”. She has made me realize what is best for me. Everybody is different, so after reading Rita’s analysis you will know what is best for you. If you are like me and start your morning with a smoothie, don’t miss out on her “how to prepare a smoothie” section. I’ve learned so much! Rita’s knowledge and guidance is invaluable!

Karyn Decore, President, Decore Hotels | Tonquin Inn | Maligne Lodge | WickedCup, Edmonton, Alberta and Phoenix, Arizona

Rita Thomas positively glows and it’s no doubt a result of her commitment to a natural, whole foods approach to health and nutrition. The Power of Healthy Living should be required reading for every student in school! She thoroughly but simply explains what foods are best and how to prepare them. Even better, she doesn’t subscribe to any one diet dogma and instead shares a variety of healthful approaches. The Power of Healthy Living is a gem of a book and a one-stop wonder! You won’t need to read any other diet or nutrition books! All of the homework and research is done for you. Do not miss this excellent read. By implementing just a handful of Rita’s recommendations your health, energy, vibrancy, and happiness will soar.

Andrea Barkley, Personal Trainer, Private Cook, Writer

We are both in awe of your Masterpiece. It’s our new Food Bible! RITA is to Healthy Living like Dr. Andrew Weil is to Medicine

John and Debra McCann, CEO Steampop Music & Bolt Supply House

I am so impressed by the obvious love and amount of work you put into these books. The photographs of all of you and of your foods are so thoughtfully done; really, I am overwhelmed by it. Very excited to read them and try these recipes.

Suellen Rowe, Certified Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Specialist, American Council on Exercise

What a great combination of how to books…how to make the right choices about what you eat and then a delicious looking cookbook so it all tastes good! I can hardly wait to try the recipes. Thank you so much for sharing all your good ideas with us.

Kathy Tranmer, Artist, ARTWORK