Delicious Meets Nutritious

One of the most important relationships you have is with food.  What you eat directly relates to your health. What you chose to eat is intrinsically connected to how you feel.

Are you confused by all the mixed messages coming from the world about different diets? Delicious Meets Nutritious caters to bio-individuality. There is no one-size-fits all diet. Each person is a unique individual with a highly individualized nutritional requirement.

This stunning collection of recipes will become your go-to reference for satisfying everyday meals and for feeding your family. Loaded with healthy tips and tricks of the trade and written with the home cook in mind, Delicious Meets Nutritious features more than 80 recipes. Unleash your optimum health with this collection of clean recipes from Chef Erin Holm.

In Delicious Meets Nutritious you will find recipes for all the seasons of the year, and every meal of the day. They are meant to be tailored to your specific needs, and offer gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, and soy-free options. Throughout the book you will find chapters on menu planning, recipe tips, shopping lists and even sample menus, including:

  • Breakfasts on the go
  • Smoothies loaded with superfoods
  • Colourful seasonal salads for any occasion
  • Soups brimming with fresh vegetables
  • Amazing alternative pasta ideas
  • Lean but flavourful meat dishes
  • Healthy sauces for seafood
  • Creative and gluten-free treats for satisfying your sweet tooth
  • Munchies and snack ideas to help curb your cravings