Rita Thomas

Known for her reputation of walking the talk is a health coach who has spent a lifetime, passionately researching and living a life of good health.  She is ferocious in her quest for knowledge.  Attending health conference and webinars, and constantly researching for her community, family and peers.  She has her health coach designation from the Integrated Nutrition Institute, the world’s largest nutrition school.

When it comes to living life to the fullest, author and philanthropic whirlwind Rita Thomas has the right idea: live true to your values. For Rita, those values include loving relationships and a focus on wellness: body, mind and spirit. And that philanthropy infuses everything Rita does, including her role as Executive Director of the Thomas Foundation, a charitable organization that focuses on the needs of children, as well as her work on the board of the Todd Thomas Foundation, a charitable organization devoted to mental health causes.

Rita has also played a key advisory roles in the development of LifePilot, a non-profit organization founded by her husband Peter Thomas, delivering workshops, presentations, and print- and web-based solutions to help people navigate personal change and growth through a positive values-based approach to living and leadership.

Those who know Rita Thomas know that she walks her talk. She has been following the teachings of optimal health her entire. To further inspire people to live healthy lifestyles, Rita teamed up with close friend and executive chef Erin Holm to publish LifeDiet. This simple guide to healthy living is a supplement to her husband’s LifeManual, a book about living in alignment with your values. They decided to write the book after discovering that LifePilot participants almost always list health as one of their key values.

Erin and Rita have combined forces once again to publish two new books under the Recipes for Life brand: The Power of Healthy Living and Delicious Meets Nutritious.

Rita is passionate about life and loves healthy food, anything related to fitness, travel, photography, and studying, learning, and laughing… lots of it. She loves spending time with her friends and family including her three grandchildren. Rita lived in Switzerland for 10 years and currently divides her time between Phoenix, Arizona and Kelowna, British Columbia.